Crowdfunding: The Other Alternative

You’ve found the idea for the best game ever on Android, iOS or any other platform you’re not currently using. Unfortunately, during your development process, you realise you don’t have the funds to bring this masterpiece to fruition.

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8 Catchy & Distracting Game Themes

Have you ever been distracted by a title’s XMB music, so distracted that you don’t play the game as soon as you should have? Or you finally arrive at the game’s front end only to be distracted by its music?

If you haven’t, then we applaud your focus. If you have, you are not alone, we understand that the struggle is real.

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Dark Faction Games

A South African indie game development studio with a passion for games. They develop games for Android devices. You can also check out their official blog, where they give detailed updates on the current state of their projects.

They successfully released their first title in June – Dark Project, a survival game.

Play as a star trooper sent to investigate the disappearance of a research team, sent to the planet Deltora to determine the possibility of the planet being inhabitable. Upon your arrival, you soon learn that something has gone horribly wrong and need to face the darkness equipped with weapons and your trusty flashlight and search for the team fighting off mutants and zombies.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then it’s available on Google Play for 0.99p.

They are currently working on their latest project, Alien Outpost, which is billed as an arcade alien/zombie defence game.

Facebook: darkfactiongames

Twitter: @DarkFactionZA

Official Website


Gamers Unleashed

Have you got what it takes to be the ultimate and undisputed Gamer? If you think so and you live in Lagos, then this is for you.


Registration is FREE, and on a first come first serve basis. Registration closes on September 1 2014, there are only 100 spots available. Hurry, you could be the winner of Playstation 4.

Venue: UNILAG Indoor Sports Hall

Date: 19-20 September 2014

The games are:

  • FIFA 14
  • PES2014
  • Ultra Street Fighter

FIFA 14 will be the only title played on the PS4. You can get your tickets from EventBrite or by sending an email to You can also call 08022660015 or 0813972255 for more information.

Courtesy: Naija Game Evo.

Twitter: @naijagameevo

Facebook: GamingNetworkNG


Maybe, you will be the next Ultimate Game Lord… 


5 Games We’d Like to Play

There are games you would like to play at this very moment, but unfortunately either they don’t exist or they are currently stuck in development hell. Here are our 5 games, we would like to play right now.

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