5 Games We’d Like to Play

There are games you would like to play at this very moment, but unfortunately either they don’t exist or they are currently stuck in development hell. Here are our 5 games, we would like to play right now.

5. Beyond Good & Evil 2

Screenshot from the leaked teaser trailer.

This is the sequel to one of the most fantastic, but criminally underrated and ignored, video games we have ever played on the PS2.  The original 2003 release was originally available on the PS2, PC, Xbox and GameCube. Thanks to poor marketing and terrible timing – it was released during the Christmas period alongside big titles (including Final Fantasy X-2, Call of Duty and Prince of Persia: Sands of Time); it was doomed to fail. Just to put this into perspective, we had all about Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, we even played the heck out of it, but we never heard of Beyond Good & Evil, until we saw it in the Bargain Bin section in the preowned section in 2005. Both games were made by Ubisoft.

This has been in development hell since 2007. At one point, there were rumours its creator, Michel Ancel, was leaving. Fortunately, he didn’t. There’s still hope, it’s been in ‘active’ development since May 2012. Coincidentally, that was 4 years after they made the initial announcement in May 2008, when they told us they were working on it since 2007. Fingers [and toes] crossed.

4. Captain Africa

Now any Nigerian, who ever read the Vanguard Newspaper in the 90s, will know exactly who we’re talking about. Remember the fantastic comic strip? How many of you waited for your parents to finish reading the newspaper, just to read about the good old Captain in his latest adventures. Here’s an article by the New York Times explaining why we found Captain Africa awesome. Unfortunately, it’s almost nigh impossible to find the original Andy Akman comic strips online, so we will leave you with this brilliant rendition by Scott Dutton.

You can read the rest of the story by clicking the picture.

3. Terror Muda

We feel like we are cheating, but during the search for our previous contender, we remembered the other comic strip in the 90s Vanguard. Terror Muda, the okada rider. Created by Kola Fayemi, this no nonsense badass could take down anybody, imagine how he would be with you controlling him on the big screen, in the bad streets of Lagos. Na who be the bad guy? Terror Muda na the bad guy.

Fortunately, we found a copy of the Vanguard via issu.com.
Fortunately, we found a copy of the Vanguard via issuu.com.


2. Thief of Thieves

He just wanted to hang out.

If you enjoy a good heist comic book series, you should be reading this already. If you’re not reading this, now is a good time to start. You would play as Conrad Paulson AKA Redmond, master thief extraordinaire, he just wants to finish this last job and live the good life.

Alas, his son, Augutus is nothing like his father, he’s messed up pretty terribly that Redmond has to come out of retirement to help him… Imagine how awesome this would be? Pulling off Mission Impossible style heists and trying not to get killed or caught. If you can’t be bothered to read the comics, AMC will be making the TV series soon. Yes, that’s the same channel that airs The Walking Dead, so it will be amazing.

1. Mystique

I can be bad all by myself

No one’s more surprised than we are, but just hear us out. We know everybody loves X-Men (especially Wolverine), but what about the villain Mystique, who has already lived an interesting life. Plus, she remembers it all.

We don’t know her exact age, remember a lady never tells, especially when said lady is over a century. Mystique has ties with so many interesting Marvel characters – Destiny, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Azazel, Magneto etc; she’s an assassin, spy and a shapeshifter. They could make a compelling video game from almost any part of her life. For those who followed the films, you are completely missing out on the awesomeness  that is Raven Darkhölme AKA Mystique.

Seems that we enjoy our comic more than we thought, don’t worry we will make more of these in the future.What games do you want to play right now? Remember, they don’t need to exist yet, who knows maybe just saying it out loud could make it happen.

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