8 Catchy & Distracting Game Themes

Have you ever been distracted by a title’s XMB music, so distracted that you don’t play the game as soon as you should have? Or you finally arrive at the game’s front end only to be distracted by its music?

If you haven’t, then we applaud your focus. If you have, you are not alone, we understand that the struggle is real.

Here are our 8 distractingly catchy XMB theme music and main titles:

8. Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge – A Hero Unmasked by Tukumi Saito

This piece just screams “Get ready to hack your way through everybody! Let’s do this!” While you marvel away at its brilliance, you realise you’re still wasting your time and you haven’t hacked anyone yet. Once you’ve roused yourself up, you proceed to go do some damage.

7. Mafia II – Main Theme by Matus Siroky & Adam Kurutz (performed by FILMharmonic Orchestra Prague)

This piece tells you, “you’re in for a ride and it may not end well.” Some of you know exactly what we are talking about…Yes it still hurts, but this remains a hauntingly brilliant piece of music.

6. Beyond: Two Souls – Main Theme by Lorne Balfe

Another haunting piece, this one says “Don’t play me yet, just listen to me while I soothe you…wake up you must enjoy these last 30 seconds.” Then you’re stuck in an endless loop of soothing calm and action.

5. Defiance – Theme from Defiance by Bear McCreary

If you’re familiar with the music of the re-imagined series of Battlestar Galatica, then you know Bear McCreary composes some epic pieces, just listen to Prelude to War…we will wait…wasn’t that an epic 8 and half minutes?

Now this piece says “This world looks a bit familiar, it may have changed a lot, but it will still remain.” It’s a perfect mix of Old World and the [game’s] new defiant one.

4. Batman: Arkham City – Arkham City main Theme by Nick Arundel

This piece sounds like it was made by the Dark Knight himself, it only says one thing “I’m Batman.” It’s gritty, it’s a bit hopeful and it certainly takes no punches. It is the night, it is batman. Pay it its due reverence.

3. Uncharted (series) – Nate’s Theme by Greg Edmonson

Greg Edmonson does not disappoint, this is the man that gave us the music to Firefly, we browncoats salute you. He has been composing most of the music for the Uncharted series since day 1. He is responsible for this piece we’ve had remade not once, but twice; we look forward to hearing Nate’s Theme 4.0.

This piece embodies the man that is Nathan Drake, it says “I’m ready for adventure and why does this keep happening to me? Oh well, ready to make fun of life, while it tries to kill me.”

2. God of War – The Vengeful Spartan by Gerard Marino

This piece just screams “I’m Kratos, I’m going to kill every last one of you!” This classic theme from the PS2 title has become more or less the official theme of the series, the motif is now usually incorporated in all the main themes and major boss battles. Marino successfully stomped his mark above all the other composers that have been involved in the series.

1. Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – XMB theme by Nitin Sawhney

This theme is all kinds of quiet brilliance, for some odd and baffling reason this does not appear on the official soundtrack, it doesn’t appear anywhere except as the XMB theme. It’s just a quiet soothing and haunting epic of strings, piano and an enchanting vocal towards its end.

Bonus: Still baffling, Enslaved’s main menu music is also missing from the official soundtrack, the two best themes are missing from its soundtrack. We will never know why…


What are your favourite game themes? 

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