The Hype: Horizon Zero Dawn

Introducing my new category, The Hype. This will be about newly released games that I probably won’t have played, but through word of mouth and reviews would either have their hype justified or not. A verdict of “The Hype is Real” means it’s justified, while “The Hype is Not” means it’s probably No Man’s Sky or Iron Fist. Look, I’m still salty about Iron Fist.

Now, onto my inaugural game, Horizon Zero Dawn. Thanks to smokegun85, I was actually able to play a few minutes during his SharePlay before his dodgy Dutch internet intervened. This game has strong reviews from my gaming friends and the gaming community at large seems to share their views. With this interaction between CD Projekt Red & Guerrilla Games being my favourite.

The YouTube gaming community have embraced it with open arms…

…and also the professional gaming community.

IGN: 9.3
Polygon: 9.5
Metacritic: 89%
Destructoid: 7.5 – the lowest I’ve seen. I’m sure there are lower scores out there, but I haven’t read them.

I will leave you with this video from gameranx for those who are considering getting this game.


The Hype is Real

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