Orisa Is Here

Blizzard finally made Orisa live earlier this week, and I finally got to play her. Wow, she’s an effective tank. It’s quite the shame I wasn’t able to use her effectively.

Seriously, if you’ve watched my live stream earlier, I suffered many straight losses, it was quite the feat. I wish I was kidding.
Warning – over 2 hours long.

For a tank, she’s quite quick, she’s certainly feels faster than Reinhardt and her deploy-able shield is very effective when used at the right moments. Plus, it works against D.Va’s ultimate. Her supercharger ultimate is devastating when used correctly with teammates.

Her weapon is sweet, even if it takes its sweet time to reload. With its rapid fire rate and 150 ammo, I found that it could take out D.Va & her mech all by itself. Her alternate fire is rather fascinating in theory, but I kept forgetting to use it. I was on business end of that a few times and I can tell you, it messes up your flow. She’s fantastic in tight spots, as long as you’re aware of your surroundings.

I can definitely see myself using her from time to time.


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