Star Wars Battlefront II Trailer

The internet, or at least Star Wars gamers, lost its collective mind yesterday with the release of the Star Wars Battlefront II trailer.

It would appear we’ve got a campaign mode and we’re playing as bad guy! Sweet. Now, I wonder how much of the game EA Dice are going to hide behind premium DLC? Dice have claimed they’d be no season pass, but you know EA…they can’t help themselves – they’ll probably be micro transactions, they must recuperate all that licence money they paid Disney for the Star Wars gaming rights.

By the way, nice to see Janina Gavankar as the lead, Iden Versio, I know her face & voice anywhere. Multiplayer is going to be killer with all the players from all eras. I might actually get this as a birthday present for myself, if they don’t mess up.

Click here to see all of EA Dice’s claims.


The Hype: Mass Effect Andromeda

This one’s a tough one, since I’ve no intention of playing this.  I’ve always seen Mass Effect Andromeda as bait. Yes, I’m still salty with Mass Effect 3. I literally stopped playing the game when I found out about the 3 endings that really had nothing to do with your choices. After I had played the original trilogy across 2 consoles (first on Xbox 360, then PS3), the fact I own a copy of Mass Effect 2 on both aforementioned  consoles AND the N7 edition for Mass Effect 3 (PS3)… I’m allowed to be salty! Continue reading The Hype: Mass Effect Andromeda


The BAFTA Games Awards 2017 Winners

Get ready for a lot words on your screen!

Quick Summary:

  • Uncharted 4 wins Best Game
  • INSIDE wins four BAFTA Awards
  • Overcooked and Firewatch win two BAFTAs each
  • Clash Royale wins AMD eSports Audience Award
  • Overwatch wins Best Multiplayer

Now enjoy the words! Continue reading The BAFTA Games Awards 2017 Winners


The BAFTA Games Awards 2017

Anybody watching it? You can watch it on the BAFTA’s Twitch account. I’ve been a bad gamer, been binging Person of Interest on Netflix.

Enjoy yourselves, I’ll post the full list later.


PSN Easter Sale

Hello folks, it’s been a while. Anywho, PSN UK actually put on their nice jolly hat for this, there are some really cracking deals.

A full list of the discounts can be found here. Gotta love HUKD, someone always lists all the prices, so you don’t have to.