Let’s Talk About A Way Out

First of all, this is a co-op, you can not fake it with a two controller system, you need a buddy. So get ready to buddy up.

This really is a true co-op system, you can’t just rush through without your buddy, you’re tied to your buddy, they fails, y’all fail. Many a time, I found I was quicker at tapping buttons than my buddy, that we’d fail. There’s a bit where you have to climb up a wall, back to back. Oh how we failed because I was too quick. And bless Pepe’s heart (my Italian buddy, who had a crash course in English with my fast talking ass), he took it in his stride. In fact, he finally won in the button tapping at the end. Yes, the very end. Those who follow my personal Twitter, y’all know what happened!

Yes, I’m still reeling from the ending. It’s fresh, I finished this game yesterday. I’ll applaud this game for its true co-op system and it’s also a nice game to look at. We were buddies for the whole game, but now in the final chapter, we’re on our own – literally fighting against each other. The game pushes for this ending, it’s inevitable and man, does it hurt! Shout out to Leo’s nose, that thing could cut glass.

Story: The story is engrossing, there were times we failed button prompts because we were engaged with what was on screen. This is a story of prison break, revenge and betrayal and it does pack a punch. I missed several WhatApp calls because I played with my headset on and for one of the few times in my life, I didn’t feel my phone’s vibration – anybody who owns a Samsung phone knows the struggle, they don’t play with their vibrations.

Platinum Ease: It’s very easy to get, really easy. For those folks, who enjoy exploring, you might be able to get most of it on your own. There are no missable trophies and chapter select is available. The hardest trophy for me was The Dip. Get ready to feel the burn in your right thumb. BTW, you can actually rest between button tappings for this trophy. I only realised this after doing 17 dips straight and my whole right arm was on fire, then gave up, only to see that it didn’t automatically fail, since I hadn’t cancelled.

PS: Home Run trophy can only be earned by the person who hits the home run. This is the only trophy that needs to be done twice (by you AND your buddy).

Note: if you’re playing with a friend pass, you’ll not get any trophies until you own a copy of the game.

Length: This is a rather short game. Like Pepe said, “it’s like a movie that you’re playing”. This is an interactive movie with the length of about 3/4 films. I believe we played it for about 8 hours, trophy mopping included.

Replayablility: To be frank, it can be played differently only twice. You can choose Vincent or Leo’s approach in situations. We played all (except one) using Vincent’s approach – thoughtful, no guns blazing & minimal confrontation. There are only 2 endings, there’s no sunset third ending. This might actually be the first game I’ll sell instead of holding onto for forever.

Bugs: I came across a few bugs – jittery animation, some weird floating (at one time, every time my buddy stopped moving, he became frictionless and would glide for like 3cm) and the one time the action scene literally stopped and Vincent (my buddy picked him) just stood there in the in-between, with the action music of blaring and him doing nothing, at least on my screen… until I toggled the pause menu and he got back into the action.

Would I recommend? Hell yes. A Way Out is an experience and in this day of toxic multiplayer, it’s quite a breath of fresh air. You can’t be a mute gamer, you need to interact with your buddy. There’s no matchmaking at all, you either play couch co-op or invite a friend. I joined A Way Out communities on PS4 to find my buddy. I was rather lucky that he had posted an event 2 hours prior my own scheduled event. So, I sent him a message and slap slap boom, we became buddies. Remember this title is short, so if you can get it for £15 or less (maybe £10 or less digital), you won’t feel the pain. I got it for $20, while I was on holiday, I could have probably bargained, but I was lazy.

For those who like numbers:

4 out of 5.

I was going to make this a video, but in true fashion, I didn’t record a single bit of my gameplay, so y’all get this.

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