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Tales from the Borderlands

Sorry to leave you folks hanging. Sometimes, I forget to update my blog. But, the true diehards obviously watched the rest of my Tales from the Borderlands live stream on YouTube, here’s the rest of it.

I did have some issues with YouTube’s Content ID, so it took forever for them to remove the audio. Don’t bother trying to use their audio swap system, it’s useless.


Cooking Witch: First Impressions

If you ever wanted to cook and eat children….now you can. It simply is a game you can use to wile away time. I’ll probably use it to chill out, between Overwatch sessions, once I get re-assimilated with using a mouse.


Tales from the Borderlands Live Stream: Episode One

Just like my last live stream, this is happening right now.

In true fashion, an error happened. Here’s the rest of episode one:


Enjoy the Cackle

Last week, I tried to do a commentary on one of my many Junkrat gameplay videos. Seriously, I’ve a lot of them on my external hard drive…Sony makes it so easy to share. Anywho, I ended up laughing like a crazy person, in this case, Junkrat. 

One of these days, I’ll do a comprehensive video on Overwatch tactics…who am I kidding?! I’ll just give you a link to somebody else doing that.


Orisa Is Here

Blizzard finally made Orisa live earlier this week, and I finally got to play her. Wow, she’s an effective tank. It’s quite the shame I wasn’t able to use her effectively. Continue reading Orisa Is Here


Batman Telltale episodes 3-5

Here’s the rest of yesterday’s live stream. I got a bit carried away and ended up finishing the game.


Batman Telltale episodes 1-2 (Livestream)

Yup, this is happening right now.


Happy New Year!

Forgive me for my erratic schedule, from now on I’ll make sure I post something on here at least once a week. You’re allowed to shout at me if I don’t, you know where to find me.

Anyhow, happy new year and enjoy my attempt at commentary in this Overwatch video. Oh and excuse my French.